CLOZTALK and Racquet Up Detroit have partnered together to bring you custom gear!

The Basics

CLOZTALK produces and sells high-quality, made-on-demand, apparel at no cost to the nonprofit. CLOZTALK’s vision is to change the way people think about the messaging and connective power of apparel to raise brand identity for meaningful causes, like us! CLOZTALK makes the apparel, handles order fulfillment, and provides customer service so we can focus our time and resources on Detroit youth.

Available Apparel
  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Pants
  • Hats

Racquet Up does not receive any percentage from the sale of apparel.

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“I like that it keeps me mentally and physically stable with all the extra opportunities, like meeting new people and being able to better my mental squash game.”Antoinette, 11th Grade