5th graders visit Marygrove College

Our current 5th graders officially became members of Racquet Up in December 2016. Since joining our program, they’ve been learning about squash, teamwork, and Racquet Up’s incredible opportunities. On Tuesday, January 31, they embarked on their first college visit to Marygrove College, a nearby institution in Northwest Detroit.

College prep is a strong theme throughout the Racquet Up program, starting in 5th grade, when students are encouraged to see college as a real possibility. All Racquet Up students go on at least two college visits per year, often many more as they travel to squash tournaments across the country.

Young students begin their college prep with visits to local colleges before venturing out of state. As students progress through school, their college prep experience intensifies and they benefit from college knowledge sessions, ACT/SAT practice, and support with college applications.